Human creativity.
Machine magic.

The premier platform to train story specialists, message makers and journalists in emerging markets.

Join a modern comms academy. We are a group of experienced instructors who can help you navigate technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Web 3 and Virtual Reality. We combine human creativity and the precision of algorithms to help you turbocharge storytelling, practically and ethically.

Connect with a network. Collaborate with a vibrant community to make a difference. This platform is for those who want to meld technology and fundamental human values in crafting stories that move the needle. We provide the training, you tell your stories.

Personalized opportunities for storytellers in emerging markets. Covering Africa is our specialty. Our pertinent curriculum content and the support of our personal learning assistant, Alisha, will help you unleash your potential.

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A collection of useful tips to make you better at storytelling and communication.

The interview
How should I dress?
Meet Wanja

Wanja is your guide to understanding Africa. Her curated datasets offer a diverse and authentically African perspective. She excels at climate action, creative industries, health and business in Africa. Wanja is Kenyan and in beta.

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Wanja ai

Hi I'm Wanja. I'm here to help you understand Africa so you can communicate and cover the diverse continent better. What would you like to know?

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