Frequently asked questions

Why create the rundown?

The media landscape is transforming in front of our eyes. Innovation is happening at top speed. This acceleration has forced a major shift in the world of communications. Storytellers need to stay on top of it.

What kind of course material can I expect?

You will develop the skills to be the best possible storyteller. You will learn how to effectively communicate a message; We will train you on how to present yourself as a talent on television, online and on stage. You will gain an understanding of new technologies and tools, and recognise the dangers that lurk. The Rundown will focus on both core principles of storytelling as well as co-existing with new technologies currently evolving such as Artificial intelligence, Web 3, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Metaverse.

Who is The Rundown for?

The most important person in the world. The storyteller. So, journalists, communications teams in corporations, start ups or foundations, PR firms, and students. The rundown is focusing on emerging markets in particular Africa to transfer knowledge and skills, often unaffordable and inaccessible. There is a knowledge transfer gap that we want to fill.

What type of learning approach does The Rundown take?

This is a microlearning platform. This means we develop short videos that are absorbable, informative, and (hopefully) entertaining. We want it to be easy to watch and learn on the go. We’re a start up, and will take your feedback seriously tol keep improving our product.

Who will be teaching me?

The Rundown will offer you an unparalleled experience by bringing together some of the most exceptional media talent from around the world to be your instructors. We draw from a diverse range of professional disciplines for insights in navigating new media.

Is it free?

Some of it. We want to have as many people access knowledge as possible. We have created free tips and a few free tutorials. For the in-depth courses we will charge but will not make it too crazy.

How will The Rundown make money?

Through paid courses to start. We will create on-demand bespoke training courses for journalists, corporate comm teams, PR teams teams. Later, we will have live courses, with class interaction and cool assignments, that will be paid for with world class instructors and practitioners at the helm. We intend to host a yearly event focused on media training in emerging markets.

Do I get academic credit or certification?

The Rundown will offer a dedicated Rundown certificate for in-depth courses that are paid and completed.

What is Alisha?

Alisha is your media assistant. She will have all the information taught in our courses at your fingertips. She has been built on Open AI with access to our own datasets to develop the kind of knowledge we believe is essential to equip the modern storyteller with.

Have any more questons?

As we are in startup mode the product and courses will be evolving. If you have any concerns or want to know more please reach out.

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