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Meet AI Zain and ask a host of questions about ethics, efficiencies and empathy.

Make sure that using yourself as an avatar does not impact your professional reputation or credibility. It’s innovative and can scale, but it could also be seen as a gimmick.

It was an interesting two days over at The Rundown. We are constantly working with different AI platforms, understanding the pros and cons, and working on our rundown ratings for various AI communication tools.

Our Three Es

Efficiencies, ethics, and empathy are the three “Es” we consider when we work with AI. Below is our first attempt to develop and test an avatar of myself. We worked with rough concepts, a different language, and short scripts. There was an option to fine-tune this avatar, which we have not done for now. Please watch and tell me what you think. I uploaded my audio, which then worked with the pre-produced avatar to create this:

Sous-Chef Hey Gen AI

Avatar Pros:

  • Understanding what tools we can use to assist our process in communications. Internal communications, internal company training, external marketing, training, and product update communications Of course, news updates.
  • Saves hair, make-up time and cost. For real, this is a lifesaver.
  • It saves hiring, gear, set up, breakdown, lighting, audio, video, traffic and overall production time and costs.
  • The avatar can speak in many languages. It’s uncanny what happens when you use this function.
  • Offers a range of creative and business templates to use.
  • Library of avatars and voices (from Eleven Labs).
  • Various backgrounds can be created.

Avatar Cons:

  • It took a few minutes more than it should have, to figure out how to navigate the AI studio. The onboarding was confusing at times.
  • Lip movement is not perfect and, at times, seems slightly out of synch. Maybe it’s to upsell me to buy the fine-tuning product upgrade.
  • It costs to upgrade to fine-tune, but I get more video credits to use.
  • Can scam people much more easily.
  • Limited credits (videos) can be produced with the Creator version. 30. 1 minute is one credit.
  • Extra cost with translation subtitles on a video you export
  • Too much up-sell

Ethical takeaways

Transparency and disclosure. Never mislead the audience, and always indicate this is not real but AI-generated. Not doing this is essentially lying

Accuracy and bias. Make sure you personally agree with everything the avatar says. If producers or teams are working with your avatar, make sure the information is what you want the avatar to say. Place some editorial processes around scripts and outputs.

Reputational impact. Make sure that using yourself as an avatar does not impact your professional reputation or credibility. It’s innovative and can scale, but it could also be seen as a gimmick and remove a sense of personalization, connection and empathy.

AI Partners

  • Claude Opus III, Esquire
  • HeyGen
  • CapCut

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